• hotmessconfessions101 21w

    Heart's and heart's

    Hearts don't breakeven like the flip of the coin, ones left w sorrow and loneliness joins. A cage is opened so one can fly in the wind, the release of freedom is where it begins. That other is locked in a prison and cell, they're engulfed in guilt and sentenced themselves to hell. Love and happiness are deceitful tools, because they can be evil and leave you fooled. When you love someone so much and just want happiness for their journey, knowing it's not with you but you fail to unlock in a hurry, eventually the terms are met that they're better off alone, to live life happy and that future you don't withhold. So you grant them the chance to live love and be free, even though it hurts then in that moment of disbelief. Soon they heal and you become the past. You loved them so fully you sacrificed your own happiness for their chance.