• precious101 5w

    I think im, i think i love him. I havent talked to him in a while because of that. I try to avoid you because of what ive done and that im afraid of love again. But everytime i see you, hear your voice, or even your laugh.. I laugh too. All the sudden i remember how much i want to see you, how much i want to talk to you. The vulnerable feelings escape and leave me with the name called you. I miss you. Do you miss me? I see you try to get my input on things and set things up so we can be what we used to be but i surpress you know, so i recluse. I think about it and  feel bad. I go all over the motions just to miss you and want to love you again. Maybe it isnt love. I don't know if i know what it is anymore even before i confessed to you. All i know is i so desprately desire to hear the sound of your spirit again.