• sammiey119_sarah_p 23w


    Your grin
    Makes me go wild.
    Please don't ever stop,
    Keep your grin on forever.
    You're a constant
    In my inconsistence.

    Your eyes
    Ate like a forever ocean.
    Don't make me look away,
    I'm swimming in your endless seas.

    You're frowning
    Makes me sad as could be.
    In your tears,
    Lie my greatest fears..
    So I try to cheer you up.
    You're a constant
    In my inconsistence.

    You're touch
    Is never too much.
    Keep me in your embrace,
    For your love is what warms.

    You're loving nature
    Is so captivating.
    You're so unconditional,
    Making me stronger with love.
    A constant safe haven.
    You're my lovely heaven.