• _iseul 5w

    Breathing corpse ...with a beat

    They tell the tales of immortal love the rise and their fall of love.
    Munna _ Madan, Laila - Majnu people say the were true lovers... inseparable powers;
    But these tales made me think for hours
    "Why they lived only after their death? "
    Is love so weak that it even can't stand against the fate?

    If love means to live together then why Munna-Madan had to suffer the departure?
    If love means conquests and gain then why did it made Majnu walk down only the memory lane?

    But I think this is love - even at the last to die with lover's name.
    In the name of Love to walk that old lane framing images with lover and be the part of game... game called life .
    To dwell in the past while sleeping in present,
    To suffer in present with dreams about future
    But I know I don't want you now ..as I have buried you long ago,
    So you will be my immortal love "who only lives after death";
    For this time I choose to be with my fate.