• waves_of_divine_beauty 5w

    Self Realization

    You. Yes You. The reader reading this.But before reading this,
    I want you to imagine me.None knows my secret. Countless forms I take.
    Your reminder. I am.
    Just look yourself ! Stare out from an oval steel mirror!Your body is growing old.You are changing.
    Youth & strength will be fading.
    Days are Flowing. Time is running.
    Planets are rotating. Death is calling.
    Sun & Moon. Comes & Goes.
    Dusk & Dawn. Comes & Goes.
    Winter & Spring. Comes & Goes.
    Time plays. Life ebbs away !!!!!
    You've lost your childhood.
    Current, the youth Is & Waiting the Old.
    Your Family.Your Wealth.Your Friends.
    Each individual will be destroyed.
    Within a minute by time.
    The reader. You Died before.
    Born again. Death again.
    Free yourself from the illusion of the World. Give up this sleep of delusion,
    This dream which confounds the mind...!!!!
    Giveup Lust, Anger, Infatuation & Greed
    You may die on the spot while reading this. Or may be later.
    Death waits not to see what is done or not done...!!!

    Who are you? Who am I?
    Me.You.Everything.Dwells the Same.
    So,when will you cross this boundless ocean of Life?????
    So when you'll get lost in the Supreme.
    The Parabrahman.?....