• anskc12 30w

    My Best Friend

    He might have come as a surprise
    A blessing he was but in disguise
    Stood out like a sorted priest
    He even danced with the beast

    He spoke too much but hurt he can't
    With outside storms, soul so nonchalant
    A busy bee, herb of the tea
    Smiles he caused, it made him glee

    The afflictions faced, he hid them inside
    His pain was big to be kept aside
    His life was a one way street
    He only knew to gave so he was worth all the treats

    Meeting him was like hitting a lottery
    He's a beautiful pot made of guiltless pottery
    He'll make you love him,even if you're his hater
    He's a gem you'll understand , sooner or later

    I feel so blessed to have him always by my side
    He's the reason I go , in this bumpy ride
    All I wanna be is the reason he smiles
    He's my one and only and we'll never be out of style