• unumukta_arya 10w


    I want to hug you..
    A little tighter this time
    You always say that I am like sand.. you know?!!
    hard to trap!!
    And the tighter you hug the quicker it slips off,
    Well I got time, this time..

    X X X
    You can rest your head upon my chest,
    I can run my fingers through your hair;
    Hey!! if it's cold, we can light up the fire..
    I can kiss your head while scratching your back,
    Finally can show you the affection, you think I lack..
    We will talk about your favourite movies, ditching other plan!!
    And hold eachother til the dawn..
    Baby just know I won't give up this time,
    I want those arms around me.. and I will call you mine..