• waiembee 10w

    I wonder if you feel all these, if you understand everything and what im going through.

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    For every hi's and hello's
    For every smiles and good thoughts
    For every replies and message of complacency
    For every stories you uttered to divert issues we need to address
    Im sorry for myself for this adds up to my false hopes or uncertainty of love.

    For every memorablia i kept
    For every songs that i hear
    For the gifts i kept
    For every 25th of the month
    This makes me realize that ours was just a trace of memories of love given up in favor of her and your own comfort.

    For every sweet lovers i see
    For all d promises left broken
    For time unspent and went by
    For the i love you that seldom told
    Im sorry for myself for this adds up to pains and bitterness of heart.

    For every picture you are together
    For the happy hour and activities with her
    For the time spent at her side
    For the days i cant spent with you because it was you who spent your time with her own home
    That was the moment you let her replaced me, owned you and assumed of your love.
    For all your denials and for depriving me of your understanding
    I feel sorry for myself for this adds up to my miseries and tears

    For acting up like we are okay, for ignoring the issues,
    For telling me you missed and loved me
    For promising that youll patched up things with me, for ignoring me in fb yet active in your account and remained connected with her over me.
    For taking back again your words and sheltering emotions of her over me
    Im sorry for myself for this caused a never ending pain, of questions of my real value, and compare myself over her.

    For every arguments and unending battles because of her, i end up loser and in pain
    For letting me feel how you choose her and youll choose her again over me
    For every words i say all remained unsubstantiated because you justified her over my logic
    For every moment i speak, i am wrong because you are right in your understanding because you protected her unconsciously.
    Im sorry for myself because you never respected me,

    When  will you figure out my point, when will you hear my lamentations?
    When will you choose me over her? i asked just a minute just to feel and listen to me.
    Yes, just minute not to hate me but to figure out the things.

    Im tired of these, im agonizing with your stories, i am only human, i hurt, i bleed, i fall, i love and you just laugh and chill like there's nothing happened like there is no justice in love.

    Written 7th day of the 9th month 2019