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    Disclaimer:- This story is totally fictitious.

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    A girl from middle class family

    I come from a middle class family.  As a child I was taught that I was growing up in a patriarchal society which believed  that girls were only meant to work in the kitchen and had no place in the society. Being a child, I  had no clue what this meant so this indifference didn’t matter to me much. 

    It was after I became a teenager did I finally come to know the meaning of “patriarchal society” and now this indifference matters to me a lot; I just hate being given a chance to grow in this society! Like all girls belonging to a middle class family, I too was taught to work in childhood since a very young age. Instead of playing with toys like most of my friends, I was given the responsibility of making chapatis and cleaning the house floors. While most of my school friends had the privilege of making plans to meet after school, I understood without asking for permission that it would be denied for I had to contribute in the household chores while my brother could enjoy as much as he wanted.

    Time passed and it was time to show the world my true colours. It was time to show to the world that behind this timid little girl of middle class family stood a strong independent girl who knew her own capabilities  well and didn’t see the need for society to tell her what she could do and she couldn’t.

    I was finally an adult! I had become more mature and had a clear idea of how to change the mindset of people and to make sure that girls got equal rights and importance as the boys. First of all, I made sure that all the girls got education till 12th class, something which I never got a chance to be. For this, I also made sure that the fees were not too high and were easily affordable by all the middle class households. I also made sure that girls were given a chance to speak out their thoughts in front of the world without the fear of being judged or criticized.

    Personally speaking I didn’t want anyone else to suffer what I had to go through my entire life.