• p_saha 6w

    #caption #colourfulunbrella

    We keep our umbrella so perky & tall,
    Ready and waiting for raindrop to fall..

    Here GREEN one to keep me dry ..
    When I open it up & hold it high...

    The RED one look do regal held over my head ..
    Just like the horizon that widely spared..

    I love the umbrella of sweet sky BLUE..
    It big enough for both me & you.

    The YELLOW umbrella is bright like the sun..
    Jumping puddles with it ever so fun

    The WHITE umbrella is just like the cloud ..
    Floating in the sky all around...

    All these coloured umbrellas are fun & so nice to see...
    Just look them all I'm sure u all agree

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    Colourfull Umbrella..

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