• universilje 24w

    Just like the tide.

    The push the pull.

    You run.
    You cute tiny legs carry you far.
    You skip ever so gently.
    In you're own world.
    You are always strong in pulling me close, fisted hands.
    Weary, knowing screams.
    You push me away unexpectedly like a new lovers nonchalant stare.
    You brush me off as assuming me always forever there.
    You sulk off into you're very own space.
    You're own future dawning.
    Every day you grow, further, deeper.
    You seed are becoming you're own tropical, unique jungle.
    You pull me into you're tiny, consuming cuddles like magnets together.
    " Mama. Mama."Mama "
    You & I this bond.
    Its unstoppable.
    The strong rope never wears.
    This mother daughter bond..
    Keeps pulling, pushing, pulling, pushing.
    Just.Like. The. Tide.