• the_bubbly_poet_femmy 5w

    Big beautiful eyes ,
    Trapped in realms unknown,
    Gaze upon gaze,
    In dimensions so circular in motion,
    So I stopped....
    my heartbeat ,
    Slowed and staggered,
    Examining and dissecting,
    The palms of my hands,
    Soft but rough,
    Upon my skin...
    Like wonder by wonder,
    I am in awe,
    Why didn’t I take the time to admire,
    Over mountains and hills,
    Quite a bumpy ride,
    It was just a matter of perspective,
    Authentically true,
    With colours bursting forth,
    Can I get my pinks and my blues,
    My mellow yellows and my burning reds?,
    Call me rainbow ,
    Coz I just can’t pick one,
    Aesthetically profound,
    Just like my poetic free verse.