• ashamurali 9w

    @writersbay challenge on #picturec
    I have written this from the point of view of a cassette. Many old devices have been rendered useless after the advent of new technology.

    An audio cassette was I
    Capable of taking spirits high
    Used to hold songs in my bosom
    Smiling as you play some

    I would stop playing
    Right in the middle of listening
    To make you gently caress
    Cajole and do all in your prowess

    I would then relent and sing again
    And your soft mood would regain.
    From me, you couldnt abstain,
    And never would you complain.

    Oh! then came my enemy,
    Digital! He invaded like an army,
    He can hold songs many,
    Without even special device any.

    He had his weapon the phone
    Ah! That device is all in one,
    I was hurled from my throne
    I am now old and forlorn

    Goodbye to all as I fall,
    To join my elder brothers all,
    The poor condition that befall,
    Digital has made us seem small.

    Gramophone and record player,
    Even the cute CD player,
    Digital has dethroned many other,
    God knows how many he is after!

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    Old devices fall,
    As "digital" stands tall,
    Technology set to enthral,
    Invading homes all!