• gazania_marine 9w

    It's really a blessing to me for having a birthmark.. it makes me unique.
    #birthmark #embracingmyidentity #blessed

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    Embracing my Identity

    It's a gift for me

    I was born-
    With a gift that I put on,
    The miraculous beauty
    Bestowed upon me.

    As an infant
    It has been prominent,
    But it looks pretty
    I'm still a cute baby.

    As a child
    In the mirror I smile,
    I stay and sit silent
    Wondering I do look different.

    As I grew
    Bullies are few,
    Making fun and tease
    My confidence they seize.

    I became concerned
    Will it go? I learnt;
    My mom felt me
    She helped and fight the bullies.

    And my family
    Who have have always guided me,
    Supported and taught me
    To believe in positivity.

    So I take it as a blessing for me
    To get a rare identity,
    And I've been talking about the mark
    Yes! My birthmark.

    Blessing it is
    Glories are His
    Who made me
    A unique entity.

    Now I'm not ashamed
    "I'm unique!", I exclaimed
    As I take things positively
    They come into place accordingly.

    Now I'm standing proud
    With my loud voice I can shout
    "I'm not half white nor half dark,
    It's a cool, awesome birthmark."

    As it has been with me
    So it will always be;
    From the day of my birth
    Till my last day on earth.