• saymore 5w

    Mon étoile

    ©saymore well_in_ton
    Her innocence left me star-struck,
    Her calmness knocked me off,
    Her gaze, reassuring,
    her eyes fixed up on mine,
    drowning me in many emotions,
    around her she gave me life,
    I learnt words like patience,
    for she was my gem,
    the kind that with all polish,
    each day, was a chance to give it one more!
    a gift by the Deity,
    To show me thy way,
    for I was astray,
    each piece of my heart,
    at the corner of each street,
    with her magic words,
    They would come alive,
    converging at the rib-cage,
    forever to be held here,
    For her my words were barely enough,
    I could only speak the language of hearts,
    the kind, by my chest,
    with each heart-beat,
    she'd tear in understanding,
    beat by beat my love confessed!
    no chance for doubt,
    for this was beyond reality,