• layla_dorkylove 6w

    Looking For Stars

    There is a girl I know
    Who stares out at the stars
    While tears stream down her pretty face
    She smiles at galaxies out afar

    The galaxies seem so far
    But to her they seem so close
    She knows the miles upon miles of comets
    Is a number she'll never quite know

    Everyday she seems to drift
    Floating further and further away
    She reaches for stars and some form of light
    But it seems harder and harder every day

    Every day she tries harder and harder
    But it seems impossible to move on
    She looks for stars, blocked by clouds
    Until one day, they're all gone

    She looks longingly for some light
    But she fails to find any
    As tears stream down her pretty face
    She slowly fades away

    There was a girl I knew
    Who now rests upon the stars
    I look for her spirit every night
    But she's in a galaxy out afar