• bumtum 6w

    It's November 2019.
    Two months until a new decade. How are you doing? Can you check in with yourself and see if there's a way you can stave off the "new year,new me" pressure of January 2020? Do you need to recalibrate some expectations? Do you need to put your head down and commit to that one idea you've been afraid to begin? Do you need to take it easy and give yourself some much-needed space and time to breathe and not try do more,be more? You're the only one that knows if you need rest or a push. To rest, when you're prone to overdoing it,can be the bravest thing you can do. To push,when you're prone to overthinking what you most want,can be the bravest thing you can do. Only you know. That's the good and bad news all wrapped in one: only you know. So it's 2 months, roughly 55 days, if you commit to an hour a day of something--- what will it be? What do you need most from yourself? Give that back to you And begin.
    __love and light. PRISCA CHIZOBAM OKEKE.N.