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    O Mirakee you happened to be my serendipity,
    My mornings evenings and mid-nights
    got a lot more beautiful,
    than it had ever been.
    I just needed an app to write 'share publicly took me by surprise,

    A tick to the "original-content" box taught me to take pride,
    To be authentic and work gradually in small strides.
    ' OK, it's fine, nobody knows me' is how I consoled,
    Fearful of being judged I just scrolled,

    'Clings' of the notifications roused my heart-beats, "O, My God, what is it? "
    Fellow companions are my muse,
    Their worlds charge me to ride a roller-coaster,
    Of emotions, feelings and never heard before notions.

    I'm the master but you are the routemap of my ship,
    Pushing me in water you are teaching me to swim.
    Challenges and new poetry styles
    Word-battles tempt, with adrenalines' rush,
    But sometimes the 'happy hormones' surge.

    Winning or losing has never been such fun,
    Ever-fearful of the change, it has become my new friend.
    You just gifted me a new 'me' I'd have never found,
    May love and prosperity come your way in surplus amount.

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    Happy Birthday Mirakee