• qawi_khan 9w

    As friend as sister

    I don't remember when we met with rules,
    charming rushed when first saw in school.
    Statics flowed and synergy flourished in gap
    perfect your soul works to calm any blister
    oh thy frost heals me with any of your snaps
    right and wrongs pity how you even foster.
    Voice melodious to hear as like honey I taste,
    mind not mitigated to resist with mischief
    Bring always the dawn as far as I can brief.
    Trips I recollect and so do the rivalries sweet
    frivolous rebukes even not there in rush street
    dark time to the dusk darkness so long felt it,
    still no grieve wounds but lurking all free brat.
    Long your affinity rises to bright edged knife
    Oh dear I bestow to write to my long age life.