• barfiz 22w

    When you need to state something profound ,you can't on account of the barrier.."dread", of what ..dread of getting scolded in light of the fact that you become tired of it.
    The dread can keep you down ,make you weaker however when you talk your heart you can carry on with your life as you wished.
    Presently for what reason do you frightened of scolding, let them since now they are with you but are you certain about them that they will be with you forever?
    You considering your age? Or then you considering the cash? Or then again both?
    I know for surviving on this planet money has turned into a basic piece of our life. From sleep to wake eat to shit laugh to cough and so on ...

    Everything has dependant upon cash now.

    Now and then I wonder do cash chooses our life or our life chooses cash.

    Whatever the thing is never allow those bits of aluminum or steel or the paper a chance to give you a chance to control your passion of life or simply never let it chose your destiny.

    Let the destiny chose the amount of it.
    Presently years passed and you realised that you have wound up securing yourself a "CHAKRAVYUHA" , but you forget there is dependably a way getting out from it.
    It resembles treasure hunt, you have such a large number of keys with you yet you have to explain the baffle for discovering the correct key for getting out and opening the new door way.

    So the puzzles can easily be settled out when you delete those feelings of fear "money" and "admonishing" which are really not a dread they are the genuine inspiration which can lead you forward .
    Think when you quit there is no choice left to make cash or advancing and when live in dread of those brutal words then you can't be upbeat.
    Be dynamic be happy take everything positively,see those words as motivational statements and cash as a bit of paper , atleast try it now only for once and feel the magiic and experience the miracle in your life.

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    Never fear
    Speak your heart
    Do what you wish
    Live your destiny.