• am_writer 23w

    To my favourite Sir.

    Sir,you are the best
    Sometimes people fail to recognize the best,
    it doesn't mean you aren't;
    As best is always untold and unseen,
    it's felt.

    Sir,you are the best
    At times people may not believe in you,
    Your students are known by your talent,skills and expertise;
    The best is yet to be known to the world.

    Sir,you are the best
    I'm lucky to be one among your students,
    as lucky ones deserve the best one.
    Nothing is more happier than your student's compliment for you, the best.

    Sir,you are the best
    No matter the world is unknown to the best;
    Best is always unknown before it's known to the world.
    One day the world will definitely realise and respect the best.