• mistiedaee 6w

    Love is ...

    I'm a hazard to myself, a broken body and twisted mind. I don't want to do the things I do but coming down off of this plane I have to. Sitting by myself I wonder why, temporary absence and long goodbyes. I couldn't even say I love you.

    What a twisted little version do I have to be to be me, mechanical and electrical engineering of humanity. What is it that I have of you that makes me want to destroy everything that I am.

    The more I see the more I hate, nothing is you and it's driving me insane. This love is a hazard to me, and it never can be. Because you don't love or want me like I want you to want me. How do you say goodbye to love you want to last forever.

    My infinite loop of songs on end every single one of them is you on lyrical bend. From a iris to a miracle and a sail into the sky. You will never be mine but I just can't say goodbye.