• mrgrey 10w

    Travel the in the mind of an idea ��
    Are you ready for change,
    Don't you want happiness for all,
    Atleast in some form,
    Read this and watch how your brain reacts to it,
    But don't react to me telling you that your brain reacts to it ��

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    The government will kill innocent people and try to justify it,
    But when people have had enough they call it terrorism,
    Wording and peace talks divide when the currency comes into play,
    So what's law,
    ...law is just fitting for some,
    But followed by few,
    Oh I'm on one,
    But just from ideas of the past,
    But structured for a next gen future,
    Some say expect us,
    But I howl,
    Because I don't follow much now,
    I lead,
    And yes this road will travel to real justice,
    Justice for everyone,
    With no lines no bias,
    No currency,
    We will expose the truth,
    So ask yourself,
    Are you ready for real change,
    If so,
    No need to protest,
    Just watch the hands on the clock,
    If things get worse,
    The uproar comes.