• the1taniart 10w

    It and We

    It's not a habit, it's post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
    Do not blame them (after) when the drugs are not enough, the food is not satisfying, or the resources ain't just up to standard anymore.
    Death is a language in which its dialect is only understood by the individual (alone) who was almost there.
    Yes! Almost there, the dead never get to tell any stories or how hard life really was.
    So please, be patient.
    When we saw it, it wasn't a monster. It wasn't even scary to be honest, it was beautiful. The scary part was that the gate was still locked to us (and all along we thought barb wires were scary here on earth).
    Somehow, we havn't gotten our tickets to see "it" perform. The gate we couldn't just jump to find the peace we have been seeking for so long, or (other times) death comes through the scary gate (in the form we appreciate it the most) and tells us "it's not yet your time dear". And honestly it could be frustrating (so you want us to return to what brought us here in the first place?).
    The truth is, in that moment (after death visits), we realise there is much we havn't done while being alive yet.
    But beyond it all, it's not a habit...it's PTSD here on earth.