• srashtii 6w

    When I opened my eyes.....I found my most special man before me...
    His doe eyes quietly responded my all questions and his magical embrace melted by choked throat..!!
    and then my agonized ears finally heard their most favorite pleasant voice..... When we started confabing heart-to-heart.....!!
    Aarav: Happy Happy anniversary darling..!!
    So, how's my sour candy??
    (I was quietly starring him)
    Aarav: What happened? Aren't you glad?
    Say something...
    Srashti: I thought........
    Aarav: Shhh..!! I know.. what you thought...
    Well, tell me... How can I dare to forget our
    After all, I don't like that scary face of my
    angry bird...
    Srashti: Aren't you verbalising?
    Aarav: Ummmm.... "No"
    Srashti: You can't even guess how much I missed
    Aarav: Wait, It's unfair..!! I too did...
    Srashti: I know....
    Aarav: Don't you know what are we doing..?
    Srashti: What do you mean?
    Aarav: We're beautifully squandering the merry
    moments of celebration ....
    Let's go....!!
    Srashti: Are we really going to celebrate it?

    By hushing me... He took me in a chamber where my sight was catching only erotic views...(rose petals scattered on floor and bed, burning candles, heart shaped balloons, romantic music)

    Aarav: How's it?
    Srashti: Beautiful..!
    Aarav: not more than you..

    After cutting the muffin......

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