• echem_ruth_henry 6w

    Secret crush

    I think about you day after day,
    sometimes, I even plan out what I will say.
    You have no idea; you have no clue,
    just how much I think of you.
    I remember the time, I remember the day,
    I had no idea what I was going to say.
    I remember getting lost while staring into your eyes;
    I must have made about a million of sighs.
    I hope we could be together some time in my life,
    and sometimes at night, I dream I'm your wife.
    I love you now and always I hope you can see,
    that if you gave our love a chance how happy we'll be.
    I'm going to bed, please be in my dreams,
    because in real life you don't know what this means.
    I will never forget you no way, not now;
    I know we'll be together some way and some how!