• thepromiseofmore 31w

    I Challenge Thee.

    This is a challenge is issued on my website and Instagram.

    Let’s see if you can beat me at my own game. Disclaimer: I’m not a poet, but I want to be. By the end of this, I’ll at least be able to say I’ve practiced some. Oh, and as a bonus, maybe I'll get some of the kick-ass poets I admire to create more for me to read.

    These are supposed to be raw, a little unpolished. You’re supposed to feel a little rushed. These poems aren’t your special children you fuss over every day and dress up pretty for the editor. These are going to be your tiny inspired moments where you can just let loose and create something. Be proud of them.

    Day 1- Write a poem about a time you cried so hard no sound came out.

    Day 2- Think of something you regret saying to someone, turn it into a poem.

    Day 3- What’s the last book you had an emotional connection with? Write a poem to the author.

    Day 4- Write a poem about a political stance reconciling with the opposing one, in any way.

    Day 5- Write a haiku about a song without using any of the lyrics.

    Day 6- Remember the last movie you saw that you loved, write a poem to your favorite character from it.

    Day 7- Look at the last text you sent someone. Take its meaning and turn it into a poem using the context of the conversation.

    Hey, look at that. You survived a week. Keep going.

    Day 8- Write your tombstone’s epitaph if you were dying tomorrow.

    Day 9- Write a poem starting with nine words on the first line, then eight for the next, on ‘til one.

    Day 10- Think of a way to explain heartbreak to an alien species.

    Day 11- Re-write a poem you dislike.

    Day 12- Describe freedom in heroic verse.

    Day 13- Tell the most truthful thing you know in eight words or less.

    Day 14- Find a poem you enjoy, respond to it in gratitude to the original poet.

    How are you feeling now?




    Day 15- Think of the last time you felt accomplished, write a poem about the situation.

    Day 16- Tell a traditional five act story in five lines.

    Day 17- Choose a traditional poetic meter, such as iambic pentameter, and use it for one poem.

    Day 18- Look up from the screen, write a poem about the first thing you see.

    Day 19- Write a descriptive poem about an object, scrap that and write another using completely different words.

    Day 20- Write a love poem.

    Day 21- Write a dialogue only poem.

    Only a little bit longer. You can do it!

    Day 22- Reorder one of your earlier poems to create a new one.

    Day 23- Look up a how-to video or article about a skill you don’t know. Write a poem about an expert of that craft.

    Day 24- Write a poem about a trip you took.

    Day 25- Write a hate poem.

    Day 26- Write a poem about what it’s like, or what you think it’s like, to be under the influence of a drug.

    Day 27- Finish this line with a poem: “I always knew you’d say this to me…”

    Day 28- You’re an international acclaimed poet and a child from the Make-a-Wish foundation asks you to write a poem to make them happy.

    Day 29- Find a visual piece of art that inspires you and write a poem about it.

    Day 30- Just write one more poem