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    Blew- eull- allew!
    Rescue me! Rescue me!
    The moana taking my corse beneath; Up in the sphere, are the mist swirled wreath.
    Help me! From this malign water - I have a senile mother and father.
    Blew- eull -allew!

    The serrated water made my nose cyst,
    My tongue twist -
    With my body rimy,
    The piranhas were nosy.
    The water grew scarlet:
    I ululated -- Is this my bloodshed?
    Help me! I squealed!

    A lilliputian boy came,
    Tried to change, the game.
    But he startled the monstrous river- And timorously scamper. Subsequently, a hulking boy came;
    But failed against the vigorous wave.

    I yelled, yelled, and yelled!
    My body amidst torment.
    Valedictory breath;
    My life to an end.

    Deeming before closing my orb eyes, Didn't have a chance to say goodbye.
    If humans would have helped,
    Death would have fled!
    Until people join their hands,
    More and more lives will end.

    A lonely world it is, full of dread,
    I drowned to the seabed.
    Noticing all the colourful creatures around,
    My eyes closed-down.
    It's the end!


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