• blueheaven 6w

    Winter's cold

    On this snowy path, i tread,
    Amidst the weather cold and wet,
    If ever my tears do fall,
    I hope the cold will freeze it all.

    At our every step, i turn around,
    My gaze will fall upon the ground,
    Where our many footprints lie,
    As proof we were walking by.

    I walked, hiding my tears,
    I smiled, denying my fears,
    Because, if i cried then and there,
    It would bring sorrow to those i care.

    The further i walk, my steps get heavier,
    It's like the path of snow gets deeper,
    I feel colder and colder at every bend,
    When could i feel warmth once again.

    But alas, this path i walked,
    Your steps have stopped,
    In my feelings of bereft,
    Now, only my footprints are left.

    As i looked back once more,
    I couldn't see at all, footprints of yours,
    I couldn't how far my footprints extend,
    Or when our walks even began.

    Now, i must walk on,
    As much uncertanties dawn,
    Wait for me, i shall be quick,
    I'll be back, before you even know it.