• bhootni 5w

    She stayed alone at home that day.Her parents left for work, leaving her alone with dolls. She loved dolls. as she was only three years old. She was innocent and she didn't know what "fear" is. After they left, she played for more than an hour then she got bored and slept between the dolls. She left one
    doll upside down on the floor. When she woke up, she found that doll missing and instead of the doll she found there one piece of paper.She found something written in it. It was "Be ready little girl. I'll be coming to play with you very soon." She became overjoyed to know someone would come to
    play with her. But it wasn't a matter of fun, it turned out to be a horrifying matter. It was that doll which she left upside down. The doll came and led her to their drawing room and told her to stand up on the sofa and it passed a rope from above the fan and tied one end of the rope on her leg and
    the doll was holding it's another end. When she held the rope
    she was pulled upside down from the fan by the doll.And