• tristan_tzara 51w

    Just a friend...

    Just a friend
    Whom she never thought would be
    Whom she never expected anything
    Who was merely a stranger once...

    Time passed and they came closer
    They laughed,they talked for hours and hours
    Never did they realise
    When these two strangers turned friends...

    They shared almost everything
    He became her lifeline,
    And she his best partner
    Soon these two friends,shared a common title-"BFF"

    Many told her that it was quite early
    Many accused him for this relation
    Many rumours spread...
    But this bond remained unaffected by all.

    As we know,"CHANGE IS CONSTANT"
    So did their relation...
    She became his side book
    While he remaining her favourite novel...

    The change faded the sparkle of her face
    As never did she realise
    That she was a mere option for him
    While he being her priority...

    Thoughts haunted her
    Memories flashed on her eyes
    Her mocking nature turned into quarreling one
    Her smile and laughter into sadness and tears...

    She needed no explanations,no justifications
    Only his hand to hold
    He,who would say-"I AM HERE JUST FOR YOU"
    Could heal her now...

    Just a friend
    Without whom her life is incomplete
    Who occupies a special place in her heart
    The most important element of her life...