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    Maybe I'll continue this,maybe not.Im aware it's just
    an introduction,but still I will see.. I hope you would read it.Ikr, it's long,but..still I hope it would be read, because I would like to see your feedback.Thank you��

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    Memoirs of Mileva ( Part I )

    Her very first sexual experience was in front of the mirror in her room,when she shyly started to explore her body.
    If someone would look at her figure at that moments,he might call it curvy.
    But for her it was unatractive, chubby.
    And her small perky breasts didn't have any shape,she might said. What she never noticed was that the boys stared at them in the publics.
    She wasn't aware oh her sensuality yet ,she couldn't understand those lustful glances in the streets.
    So,she was exploring her body, trying to embrace her imperfections .She wished if she was taller,she wished her red hair was blond with curls ,just as her friend Una looked like. Again she focused on the reflection in the mirror.The moon peeked into the room veiling her silhouette with its pale light, enjoying the sight that late night.