• vintage_spirit 5w


    Love is awesome.
    Love is tiresome. 

    Love gives life to you.
    Love steals your life from you. 

    Love makes life beautiful. 
    Love is the most painful.

    Love lights up your life.
    Love throws you into darkness. 

    Love is such a mystery.
    Love is a treachery.

    Love is unexplainable. 
    Love is intolerable. 

    Love can increase your heart pace.
    Love can break your heart into pieces. 

    Why is love such a confusion??

    Some people say it's the best thing ever happened to them
    and other it's the worst??

    Why does people's opinion vary on love??
    Why does it change from person to person??

    Why doesn't everyone love the same way? ?
    Why doesn't everyone experience love the same way??

    If people love, experience, express, expect love in different ways, 

    why does everyone blame or praise love?

    Isn't the person who they are loving, experiencing, expressing, or expecting left to be blamed or praised? ??