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    Unfortunately, every child in the classroom bullied the small pale girl. They called her a 'ghost'.
    One fine day, after a heavy downpour a butterfly sat on a bright yellow flower sucking its nectar just outside the little girl's window, making her dream. She longingly stared at the butterfly craving for its colours to seep into her skin.
    "Hey 'ghost', looking at a butterfly, huh?" Mocked a girl.
    "The little 'ghost' thinks that she can be a beautiful butterfly!" Chimed another.
    Pulled out of her reverie with a sudden jolt, the pale young girl turned to look at her bullies, just as the rainbow caressed her skin.
    Brimming her with radiance.
    #story #microtale #butterfly #rainbow #radiance #albinism #bekind #stopbullies #mirakee

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    Colurful 'Ghost'