• oh_senorita 5w

    Here is a post that is more sort of a opinionated one.
    Feel free to comment if you have a different perspective too. More the perspective, more potential to accept it too.;)

    Potential is the inner capability that should be displayed outside. Potential is often referred to each human being because each of us have got different things as our strengths. Your potential establishes a person's strength and weakness equally. Each of us have our own potential which creates our identity.
    Being aware of you potential is definitely helpful because based on that you show who you are to the world . Being aware of it will make you ready for the life and face the judgements from around you and remove them and still go ahead;)

    The potential is not something defined by someone else, but it's the natural self of each individual which makes them shine unique..

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    You are one who could unleash your potential and make your voice be heard to the outer world!