• aishwarya14 9w

    In my country, they say that ‘Caste system’ doesn’t exist anymore
    They say ‘Reservation’ is not required any more
    They say ‘Everyone is equal’, they say ‘We value humans’
    But sometimes, they also say ‘Marry in your own caste or any other upper caste’
    They also say ‘Children born out of inter caste marriages are not normal’
    They also say ‘Lower castes are responsible for their state’
    And all the time, I see ‘Some specific lower castes cleaning the sewages’
    I see ‘ Data of violence against Dalit women rising’
    I see ‘ People killing their children if they marry someone from a lower caste’
    I see ‘ Data that says that the access to good education, sanitation and health facilities is lower in the case of Dalits’
    I see ‘INEQUALITY’ .