• downsun 9w

    God loves me

    I hate my life to much strife stab myself with a knife.
    Why I say are these all my days, is it cause of my bad old ways.
    Addiction I know, its my foe it slithers around like one with no soul.
    To creep up on me when I start to see that this wasnt suppose to be me.
    Resentment should be dead but stays in my head why hasn't my world forgave me yet.
    I look for the light all day and night, maybe this fright will be silenced tonight. So I can live my life like it should.
    God only knows why the hate for me still flows maybe it will get ate by the crows.
    People love me always seem above me, all they want to do is judge me instead of hug me.
    Why theyre so mean their soul is unclean, so they try and try to take mine from me.
    No one have it, its Gods God damnit so leave already and save yourself the damage.
    Forget you ever thought you loved me, you don't know how to love me only judge me.
    So take karma off me. I deal with my own so let me be.
    I always have God above and beyond I'm fine with that. I need no more of that spit you spat upon me.
    So take your shit back its so off track and it hungers for the person who first spit this shat.
    I hate my life for one last night omg I think I see a light! The End