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    Some more great advice to live a pure, holy Christian life!

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    How to be a good Christian (part 7)

    (13 Take Communion daily
    Communion is the Last Supper Jesus had with his disciples before He died on the cross. It is so important that Jesus tells us, "Do this often in remembrance of Me." All you need is juice (or, if that's not available, water will do) and bread (crackers also work). There are quite a few verses instructing or mentioning Communion. Here is one of the ones that tell us how to take it:
    Matthew 26:17-29
    I encourage you to do it daily. This is also a good time to repent for your sins!

    There is alot to do in order to live a holy life. As I continue to learn more, I will post! For now, I have told many important things. Please follow my list, its how I live! And I am very blessed!