• sunofyah913 6w


    Earth To Earth,
    Ashes To Ashes,
    Dusk Till Dawn,
    Dust To Dust,
    As My Soul Departs From This Physical Shell,
    It Takes One Last Look At My Body,
    I Can't Touch,
    Not A Thing Anymore As I'm Buried And Jailed,
    In A Coffin Soon To Be Covered With Dirt And Cobwebs,
    I Had A Story To Tell,
    About Myself Before I Left,
    But I Couldn't Formed The Words With My Last Dying Breath,
    Now The Only Thing That's Left,
    Is The Memories Of Me,
    In The Minds Of A Few People Who Knew Me,
    And They'll Reminisce With Stories Imagining How I Used To Be,
    Never Knowing That They Didn't Really Know Me.