• reddragonfly 9w

    A firefly lands into your palm
    Parading its glowing wings -
    Notice me.

    A cricket goes on stridulating,
    Chirp chirp chirp –
    Touch me.

    The sea breeze that damps your face,
    And brings the glittery effect on your cheeks,
    Tells you the same.

    A lone hermit crab passed by
    your scarlet-painted toes,
    tickling your skin.

    And if the sky could write,
    It would scatter its rainbow
    As alphabets among the clouds
    Only to tell you this:
    Everything around you
    is longing for your presence.

    I am ‘everything’.

    Inspired by Rumi the Book of Love
    ��Cesar Carino

    #love #nature #longing

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