• ggaines 9w

    You Should've Ran

    I see now its gonna end
    So let it light up in flames
    Turn around and take a good look
    You'll see that I'm to blame

    Because what once was ours
    Has now disappeared
    We used to talk for hours
    And now what we have feared

    Has finally come true
    And I'm sorry, my love,
    That I cannot be here for you
    These past 3 years were tough

    But the loneliness came
    And the love went away
    You said we would be the same
    And that our love would not fray

    But I warned you my heart
    Could not take much more
    Distance keeping us apart
    Our love became a chore

    The excitement we once had
    Is now nowhere to be found
    I turned away from you, sad
    And left your heart on the ground

    And I'm sorry, my love, I truly am
    I never meant to break your heart.
    Should've run from me, as fast as you could,
    Should have run from me from the start.