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    When I think of cleave,being divided into segments,the first thing which comes in my mind is
    Of the partition of India. The partition of India was when the subcontinent of India bled from within. Not only land but the hearts of people were divided.
    When we gained Independence, we lose our mates in Punjab and Muslims across the country.

    India bleeds
    Even after being free
    The partition took away
    Our brotherly say

    A Brahmin's friend
    wearing the white cap
    Is now in a differnet country
    Partition took away their friendship

    The mother cried for hours
    Her child died trying to climb
    The last train to pakistan
    Partition took away the motherhood of a mother

    Partition took away
    The love not just of two lovers
    But the love which was pumped by
    The heart of
    Not a muslim
    Not a Hindu
    Not of christians
    Not of sikhs
    Not of parsis
    Not of jains
    Not of Buddhists
    But of indians!


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    India bleeds
    Even after being free!