• maple_ 10w

    Downpour which was screeching to my ear
    and scribbling love songs for some,
    was now dawdling softly on roof shingles
    and making outlandish sounds
    which perfectly entitled a song,
    silence would hum.

    Strolling in those drenched streets,
    I walked on brimmed potholes
    which reflected the night sky,
    on roads that were carpeted
    with clouds and dimmed stars.
    I sat one of the raindrops
    hanging loosely on frail tips
    of shrubs that resided
    on each corner of street
    on my index finger
    and watched
    this tiny piece of rain
    melting to my palm.


    Editing this for the 5th time,
    Coz I've got nothing to do. Sorry��


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