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    For those who live, what they leave !!


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    Culprits who Cry

    A fallen twig on a budding flicker
    borrows a breath from the dead
    but dies sooner in an acquired fettle
    wrapping the warm exhaled suspire.

    A spark that flies a distance
    escaping the ember, strives
    to sustain a second longer
    and see the glint in sobbing eyes.

    The smog imbibes the wetness
    leaving a parched perception
    of a probable drought
    that's sick of humid humus.

    A cry consumes the remaining
    in a pernicious circle that perishes
    before the promised shelf life
    as a punishment for the perseverance.

    A seed sleeps staying silent
    saving the subsequent timber
    from stepping in a similar stove
    smoking back a sworn statement.

    A rising ray that fades this glimmer
    reminds of a dormant dominance
    that stays in background still
    till the fallen falls off its face.