• shadowofmeera 5w

    Who I Am To Thou???

    Some times I am that question of thine which will never be answered..which have to be in between four walls of thy heart,squeezed with out breath..All you can do is to close my mouth with thy arms,while my tears roll down through your fingers..& then i may hear thy slow whisper near my ears.."sssh! we are hidden your voice may help them to find us.."

    Some times i am that lamentation of thou..which may broke thou in to pieces

    I am that love of thine which have no existence in thy life..

    I am that forbidden fruit of thine,which u ate already and scared to touch again..

    I am that thorn of thine which bleeds thou all the time..

    Some times I am that queen of thine who lost her wings for ever..

    I am called a faded shadow of thy memory,

    I am A Scattered masterpiece of thy reality,

    A silent beep in your cell and Silent tear of thy eyes

    Some times  I am that sand of thine which keep on loosening from your hands..& melt in the water of world where thou cant get back any more.

    Some times I am that rose petal of thine,which is fallen apart with the wind thou blew..

    Some times and still I am the same question of thine which will never be Answered..............!