• sasha09_guru 5w

    Charming Beauty!

    As the morning sunlight falls on her
    Her hair is ablaze in golden hue
    She turns away from the shining light
    And wipes away a drop of sweat that forms on her forehead.

    The morning breeze feels sorry,
    It blows to kiss her forehead and caresses her cheeks,
    She carelessly plays with a strand of wind blown hair
    And keeps smiling to eternity.

    Suddenly, the sun decides to play hide and seek,
    The cloud wins over and shows its power,
    A streak of lightning hits the ground and the thunder sets the rhythm.
    Then the rain drops comes singing pitter patter.

    Oh! As the first raindrop falls on her face!
    She is awaken to reality and rushes to hide under a tree,
    Alas, she ends up drenched and cold and pleads to nature to help her.

    The Rainbow fights to save her
    And pulls the sun out of the clouds
    With its vibrant colours it shoos away the rain
    And smiles at the charming beauty.

    She smiles back at the rainbow
    And decides to chase a butterfly that flutters by.
    Her wavy golden hair flying among the yellow daffodils
    Seems to be on fire as the sun shines again.