• aheshu 95w

    Of dreams & men

    Some poetry is meant to be shown,
    Some is only meant for a pair of eyes,
    and while the first one in applause fades,
    with her the second one dies..

    She says, I never write..
    I simply bare my soul
    for all to see..
    No guarding, no deception,
    Just glimpses of me..
    & as she revels in that poem
    I await, anxious, trembling,
    Oh! How she sighs!!

    My dreams are all fire,
    She has liked it at last
    Now who would dare deliver
    it to her
    At a quarter twelve-past..??
    And so yet again
    The dream crumbles,
    The ink of reality
    Splashes across my face,
    Holds me back
    My heart, a roaring lion,
    Now beats its gentle pace..

    A distant memory is awakened..
    The flames swell, embers glow
    The wind carries her fragrance
    once more.
    The wood crackles,
    It burns through and through
    the dark night..
    My pen, once again, touches the
    And with ink as bright as blood
    I write
    Once again, once again,
    Just for you...