• she_owns_souls 22w

    Meeting again !

    I walkd out to see if you'd come
    Since meeting you again after so long got my body numb.
    I tried and gave the rare blank stare
    Till I realised my blushy smile was already there!
    Never thought you'd come to see me when I'm weak,
    Then felt bliss with all the care you started to speak.
    Got in ,grabbed my waist , Oh! I heard my heartbeat going high
    But when you left, there wasn't any expression but a sigh.
    So I sat remembering what all we did a mins ago.
    Got a zoo in my stomach which wasn't letting me know
    That we were just something who might not end up well together
    But trust me whenevr u are there,
    World seems a bit much better..!
    -4th jan'18