• hajaryussuf 10w


    Sometimes I curve into parentheses
    (Just so the words won’t escape out of place)

    Sometimes I bent my back
    And twist myself to become the question mark ?
    That is placed after every interrogation you put before me

    Sometimes I bent in line with the lines
    And become a comma,
    In a complete dilemma of what comes next

    And at times I curl myself under a period ;
    To become a semi colon
    So I escape from termination.
    And the reality,
    Both together !

    I now jump into some other fact in connection with the aforesaid
    But it seems like the talk has taken a new turn

    Sometimes I’m apostrophised
    And claimed your’s

    Sometimes I curve around my words
    To maintain the emphasis I wanted to project
    ‘To make realise I mean what I said’

    And when I’m too much tired
    I fall with all my curves in place
    And they call me a ‘wave’