• unknownwriter99 6w

    You and I
    Were supposed to be together
    But you
    You left me,
    You left me when i was on the verge of getting broken,
    You left me when i needed you the most,
    You left me when i was at that point of life where people can't hold there shit,
    Where i couldn't hold my shit,
    You left Me,
    Haha, but but
    That's not the best part,
    The best part is when you needed me and i was there,
    The best part is when you were broken and i was the one who hold you together,
    But you know what,
    I won't blame you,
    Or i won't make you the culprit out of this,
    We literally have some amazing memories,
    Memories which I'd love to cherish,
    Memories which are sweet and sour,
    Memories in which I'm Smiling and you were the reason,
    Today when i smile,
    It feels like I'm trying to fake it,
    I've started doing it so often that i myself don't know the count,
    But hey it's okay,
    It's a part of our life,
    Where we all have to be so strong,
    That no one can hurt you!